Winchester High School PFA
Saturday, August 18, 2018

School Council Information



The PFA invites all parents and guardians to volunteer to participate in the School Council. This year, there are two vacancies for the WHS School Council. Elections will take place Oct 4-6. If you are interested in participating in the election, please complete this form and return to

School Councils are mandated in every public school by the Education Reform Act of 1993, and are composed of parents and guardians, faculty, and student representatives. The Council will meet with Principal Dennis Mahoney the second Thursday of the month (October to May) at 6:45 am to discuss what is happening at the school. 


The following excerpt is from the MA Department of Education (DOE) website Q & A concerning School Councils. To read the entire text, visit the DOE website.

The Role of the School Council: The law requires that there be a school council at each public elementary, secondary and independent vocational school in the Commonwealth. Councils are to assist principals by reviewing the school building budget and developing the school improvement plan. Councils may also take on other responsibilities, including policymaking, as granted by the local school committee. Council's school improvement plans are submitted to the local school committee for review and approval.