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Robert Marzano (2003), in his meta-analysis of research on motivation, identifies five lines of research that explain our motivation to learn. One line of research is attribution theory, which focuses on what students perceive to be the cause of their success or failure, such as ability, effort, luck, task difficulty, etc. Of the factors named, Marzano concludes that effort is the most useful because a strong belief in effort as a cause of success can translate into a willingness to engage in complex tasks and to persist.


The National Mathematics Advisory Panel weighed in on the importance of an effort-based belief system in the 2008 report Foundations for Success. The report states:


“Children’s goals and beliefs about learning are related to their mathematics performance. Experimental studies have demonstrated that changing children’s beliefs from a focus on ability to a focus on effort increases their engagement in mathematics learning, which in turn improves mathematics outcomes: When children believe that their efforts to learn make them “smarter” they show greater persistence in mathematics learning.”


Jonathan Saphier is another of the many researchers who writes about the role of beliefs and effort-based ability. He concluded that a student’s belief in his or her efforts rather than his or her innate ability is the most important determinant of student learning. He also stated that these beliefs can enable all students to do rigorous academic work at high standards. According to Saphier, schools that recognize and celebrate effort-based ability communicate three critical messages to all students:


Š       What we are doing here is important.

Š       You can do it.

Š       I’m not going to give up on you—even if you give up on yourself.  (DuFour, Eaker, &

       DuFour, 2005, pp. 89-90).


By using the formative assessment strategies that we are learning during our professional development, we can continue to show your students that their efforts are directly correlated to their academic success. Formative assessment is another means to communicate the message that we expect success at Winchester High School.


As parents-guardians, I want to thank you for your continued willingness to send critical messages to your students that communicate the importance of their effort and your belief in them. Recognizing and celebrating the fact that the effort that they put in will result in their academic success will not only help your student become more motivated but also help them realize that they can be successful.



Westerberg, T. R. (2009). Cultivating a we expect success attitude. Becoming a great high school: 6 strategies and 1 attitude that make a difference (pp. 7-10). Alexandria: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.




Sean Kiley





Happy Spring, Everyone!!!  We have managed to say goodbye to March with a few more inches of snow and a record for the snowiest winter, but, fortunately, with no more school days lost to the weather.  As snow banks diminish, we hope that you have a bright and beautiful landscape and many good things to look forward to in April.


            We are very excited to be on track with PFA meetings again and will see you at the next two PFA meetings on April 6th and May 4th in the Science Lecture Room, A307, at 7:30pm.  We are happy to welcome Marc Arria, Athletic Director, and John Danizio, Director of Finance, on April 6th to engage in meaningful discussions with you about any issue related to high school athletics –  from budget and fundraising, to tracking annual expenses by sport.  On May 4th, all Department Chairs from Science, Technology and Engineering, Mathematics, English and Social Studies will be our guests to engage in a Q &A session with you about a variety of academic-related issues.


            A big thank-you goes out to all of you for participating in the Wilson Farm Shopping Day to benefit Winchester schools.  The money raised was $979.00, to be divided among the seven Winchester schools.  Any amount earned for our schools makes a positive impact on our children and it was wonderful to have this opportunity provided by Wilson Farms.


            The Music Department recently made its once-every-four–years trip to Disney World, Florida, with more than 260 students. The students played two instrumental and two vocal concerts at Downtown Disney. It was a memorable experience, made possible by the hard work of the Music Department Staff and the parent chaperones who undertook the major responsibility of accompanying the students – our heartfelt thanks to all of them!!


The PFA continues to work hard at supporting the teachers by disbursing grants to enrich the classroom experience across all departments. Two grants were awarded recently to Mr. Robert Gillis of the Photography Department and Ms. Jenn Levatino, Visual Arts Director. Following are descriptions, in Mr. Gillis’ and Ms. Lavatino’s words, about the critical help that the PFA provides to staff members, which benefits every one of our children.


 I have used the funds awarded to me this year to purchase vintage Polaroid cameras from Ebay. I acquired 10 cameras for approximately $30 each. Through the art department budget I purchased Fuji instant film which works very well with these cameras. Students get excited about the instant print. In most cases the prints are of very high quality and detail. It is a totally different experience than a digital camera. Like a digital camera you see the picture almost instantly but you get to hold the actual picture and not just view the picture on a screen. I plan to use these cameras with students for years to come. I am very grateful for the support the PFA has provided to the Photography program over the years.”


Thank you,

Robert Gillis


This year my students will learn the waxy wonders of encaustic painting, they will create translucent molds of their own faces with liquid glass, they will hammer, saw, chisel, drill, buff and grind intricate pieces of jewelry, build their own canvases, and they will paint emerald surfaced works of art on smooth copper panels.


If it was not for the support of the PFA my students would lose each and every one of these experiences.


For over a decade I have been writing and receiving grants through the Winchester High School PFA. I have been supported as a teacher and inspired to reach beyond what our general budget would normally allow. This has enabled my curriculum to grow in depth, breadth and richness of experience. My students are excited and their horizons are expanded.


I have enjoyed the communication between my department and the members of the PFA and enjoy sharing my plans for the year with them through the grant writing process. That the community is interested in supporting my ambitions as a teacher is highly motivating and makes me feel like my teaching, my subject and my curiosity are highly valued.”


Jenn Levatino

Visual Art Director K-12

Winchester Public Schools


We are proud to be partners in our children’s learning, but with our Direct Appeal fundraising falling well short of our goal, it is a very real possibility that we may have to cut back on many worthwhile projects. It has been a busy year, but if you have not had the chance to donate earlier, please do so here. If you are a regular shopper at Amazon, please go through the Amazon Smile program and designate WHSPFA as the organization of your choice.


And, finally, we are delighted to be sharing some special moments of our students’ activities on the Winchester High School Facebook page. We have enjoyed Connect and Commit’s different community service programs, and tastes of France, Disney and Harvard Model Congress through pictures and reports on our Facebook page. Please continue to share news and pictures of special high school events and activities by sending to with the subject heading: For FB posting.  Please keep in mind that the WHS facebook administrator holds the discretion to edit any posts.  Despite many challenges, our students continue to excel and work hard with enthusiasm, and it is a privilege for us, as a community, to share  some part of that experience.


Thank you and we wish you and your families a safe, happy and productive month.


Warm Regards,

Malini Dutta and Lori Scully

WHS PFA Co-Presidents





Mr. WHS Contest – Apr 12


The annual MR. WHS contest is almost here! Come see the HILARIOUS performances of some very well known "gentlemen" from the senior class. This year’s contestants are Jack McGowan, Hendrick Abreu, Gapilan Sivasithamparam, Michael Morris, Josh Dinardo, and Walter Scott. All are invited - parents, students, neighbors and friends!


When: April 12th, 2015

Show starts at 7:00 pm, doors open at 6:30

            Where: McCall Middle School Auditorium

            Tickets: $15


Avoid the lines and buy your tickets early! Tickets will be on sale at Bookends starting April 4th, and will also be sold at the door. You won't want to miss MR. WHS 2015!


Winchester Robotics Team Places 1st


The Winchester Robotics Team outdid themselves this weekend at the New England Regional Botball Tournament ( placing first in seeding, first in head-to-head double elimination, and first overall out of 25 teams. This is the team's best showing in it's five year participation in Botball, an international student-driven autonomous robotics competition.


The team won all three seeding rounds and won the double-elimination round in dramatic fashion. The semi-finalist Ashland High School had a bye in the quarter-final round because they had beaten Winchester once and the finalist Medford High School had byes in the last two rounds because they were undefeated. That meant the Winchester team had to win four straight battles, including beating Medford twice, to win the championship. The team's mechanical designs, software designs, and strategy were superior and they showed great poise, resilience, and teamwork during the competition.


The Winchester Robotics Team also placed third overall in the world at last summer's Global Conference on Educational Robotics ( and plans to attend GCER again this July in Albuquerque.







Junior Blacklight Dance Scheduled for Friday, April 10th! 


The Details: 


When and Where: Friday, April 10th from 7:30-10:30 PM at the Winchester Town Hall

   The dance will begin at 7:30 PM and go until 10:30 PM. 

   Doors close at 8:00 PM and students will not be allowed in after that time. Students are not allowed to leave until 10:00 PM. 

Getting Tickets: Tickets will be on sale at lunch right inside the main entrance on Tuesday, April 7th, Wednesday, April 8th, and Thursday, April 9th ONLY. There will be no tickets sold after lunch on Thursday, April 9th. 

   To get a ticket, 1) a signed dance contract and 2) $20 in cash or a check for $20 made payable to "WHS Class of 2016" are necessary. 

   Contracts can be found on Edline on by clicking Jr Blacklight Dance.  

Bringing a Guest: Guests are warmly welcomed! In order to purchase tickets for both the student and guest, the guest must sign the Guest Dance Contract (see above)


Note: If a junior is bringing a guest who is not a WHS student, in addition to the Guest Contract, they must speak to Mr. Kiley to get approval to bring a guest from outside the school community. 



   Regarding guest sign in: If a junior is bringing a guest from another class or another school, that junior's parent/guardian can sign in their child's guest, but by doing so, they are accepting responsibility for that guest's conduct.







Neck Tie Sale:

Graduates, alumni, parents, and teachers - Winchester High School's graduation, scheduled for June 7th, will be here before you know it! Pre-order an official WHS neck tie and support the Class of 2017. Ties are red and black striped, with or without Sachem logo, long tie or bowtie, and are $40 each. Orders can be placed at the front office with cash/check or online with credit cards at For more information contact





MMEA Festival Participants


We'd like to champion the impressive accomplishments of some of our middle and high school music students.  Each year the MMEA (Massachusetts Music Educators Association) sponsors a series of festivals that give students the opportunity to participate in select ensembles from the Northeast region of the state, the entire state and even the Eastern seaboard of the US. 


Students become eligible to audition in the 7th grade for the Junior Festival which accepts students in grades 7-9.  The Senior Festival is comprised of 9-12th graders.  If students are accepted to the senior festival and have some of the top scores, they are recommended for an All-State Audition.  If accepted to participate in All-State, especially in 9th and 10th grades, students can be chosen for the All-East Festival (every other year).


Each festival begins with the preparation of a required audition piece, performed in front of a judge.  Scores are tabulated and successful candidates are assigned to concert band, orchestra, choral or jazz band.  These groups come together for 3 days; 2 days of rehearsals and a third day of dress rehearsals/performance.  This year's All-State Concert is in Symphony Hall.  This year's Eastern Festival is in Providence, RI.


We have had students accepted to all levels of these festivals this year.  The following is a list of students who have been accepted to the festival programs.  Congratulations to them and to ALL of the students who took on the challenge of the audition process



Junior District:

Sam Cagnetta                                      Gianluca Maffei                             Dylan Han

Simeon Nikov                                      Rachel Milt                                     Shreya Nair

Andrea Huang                                     Emily Cui                                        Ayaz Franz

Henry Knoll-Finn                               Katherine Yu


Senior District:

Anna Abbanat                                      Scott Bradley                                Mari Chen-Fiske

Sean Delaney                                       Dylan Fam                                      James Fosburgh

Lukas Goodman                                  Victoria Hain                                 Owen Kramer

Emilia Lew                                            Alex Li                                             Qiuye Liu

Yiyun Ma                                               Khalid Mahmood                          Eamon Mahoney

Erika Nakajima                                   Connor Shank                                 James Sheehy

Edward Tu                                            Joy Zhang



Sean Delaney                                       Lukas Goodman                            Victoria Hain

Emilia Lew                                           Owen Kramer                                 Alex Li

Qiuye Liu



Scott Bradley


Spring Fling Concert Series Postponed


It appears that this winter is truly determined to keep Spring from arriving. Due to the rescheduling of MCAS throughout the school system and due to snow days, we are forced to postpone our Spring Fling Concert Series scheduled to take place the week of April 6th. Because the calendar is so tightly scheduled, we are having difficulty finding an alternative date - it looks like we may be pushing the event to early June.  As soon as we have confirmed a date, I will let you know.  Hopefully, Mother Nature will reward us with spectacular Spring when it does arrive!




Students can sign up for the opportunities listed below at the meetings or in the C&C Office in the library of the high school.  If you have questions about Connect & Commit, visit Lauren Winterer, Program Director, in the C&C Office (in the back of the library) or contact Ms. Winterer via email at or           


New Member Kick-off Meeting – Tues, April 7th, from 6:30-7:30p
Connect & Commit would like to invite anyone who is interested in joining our club to our meeting Tuesday, April 7th. We will be eating food, playing games, getting to know one another and learning about upcoming events. We hope to see you there!

Community Servings – April 9th from 1-4p
Community Servings is a non-profit food and nutrition program providing services in Massachusetts to individuals and families living with critical illnesses. Students will have the opportunity to work with experienced kitchen staff and prep meals for delivery. We are looking for 10 students! Parent chaperones needed to drive too!

School Supply Drive – April 13th-17th

School the World (STW) is an organization that takes US students and sends them to Guatemala to help build and facilitate new schools.  For the 3rd week in April we will be collecting school supplies to send with a group travelling to Guatemala this summer.  If you are interested in helping organize this drive or wondering how to donate contact us at

Spring Clean @ Wright-Locke Farm – April 26th from 10a-2p

Come get your hands dirty at Wright-Locke farm right here in Winchester. Stop by for as long as you can and help open the farm for the season.  We need as many hands as we can get!

Keep Checking in for more Volunteer Opportunities!




Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) at Lynch Elementary

Monday’s after school students are heading over to Lynch Elementary for an hour to read to younger students. If you are interested in joining the team contact or for more details.

Environmental Art Project

According to the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation, more than a million birds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die every year from eating or getting entangled in plastic. Oftentimes sea animals see floating plastic bags and confuse them with food (like jelly fish).  In addition, jellyfish blooms are spiking at an alarming rate, and scientists believe that  human induced stresses like overfishing, habitat modification, eutrophication, and climate change are contributors. 


Library/Media Specialist, Andrea Zampitella, Connect and Commit’s Lauren Winterer, and WHS students are working alongside the Griffin Museum of Photography to produce a large-scale jellyfish sculpture made from recycled materials that will be displayed in conjunction with artists’ Jerry Takigawa, Robert Rindler, David Welch and Jeremy Underwood work at the Griffin Museum of Photography. The show runs from April 9 – June 5, 2015. Opening reception: April 9, 2015. Interested students should contact Ms. Z at


School the World – Guatemala July 2015
Join STW this summer; raise the funds to donate a playground to a STW primary school- just like the one you built last year- in Guatemala, as part of School the World's new play component- aiming to add a playground at each one of our schools. The lowered trip fee of $2750 covers your whole week- all travel expenses, flights and funds to build a playground from the ground up.

Parent chaperones welcome! Next step: reserve your spot with the attached application and your initial payment of $750. Email for more details. We hope to see you again in Guatemala!


World Challenge – Belize Summer 2016

In 2014, Winchester students experienced life-changing adventures that are still buzzing around the school.  Our expedition to Peru provided the students with opportunities to reach their potential and experience the world as never before. Now our students will have the chance to travel to Belize!
A World Challenge expedition is not a typical education tour or school trip. In choosing to join a World Challenge expedition, students enroll in a once-in-a-lifetime journey with their teammates. While on expedition, students will rotate through various leadership roles and manage many of the day-to-day logistics of their own adventure.


Bone Marrow Registry Drive
Connect & Commit is looking to continue to add seniors from all over Massachusetts to the Bone Marrow Registry list. This potentially life saving registry only takes a few minutes and a swab to the cheek. If you are interested in helping to organize the Bone Marrow Drive, please let Mrs. Winterer know.


Be sure to check out our updated website:







   458R Main Street

Winchester MA 01890

Like us on Facebook


The WYC offers a wide range of leadership, service-learning, and good-decision-making activities for WHS students. We encourage everyone to check out our website and stop by the WYC anytime to find out how to get more involved in all the cool things that we have going on! 



During April vacation the WYC Peer Leaders will be participating in our 10th annual Habitat for Humanity trip. We will be traveling to the Jersey Shore to help in the ongoing rebuilding efforts following the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. We are currently working toward fundraising 100% of the expenses for our trip including a $2300 donation to Coastal Habitat for Humanity.

Please contact us of you would like to make a donation toward this amazing service-learning experience.


Proceeds from the following fundraising efforts will benefit our trip:

Raffle tickets

Buy your $20 tickets for the chance to win:

* Kindle Fire HD *

* 4 tickets to a Red Sox game *

* $100 Spring Clean-up by Taft Landscaping *

*Gift Certificates to Mouradian Guitar, Thai Dish Restaurant and more *

Drawing: April 13th

Contact the WYC for more information



Show your Sachem spirit for only $20

High-quality, dual-spout water bottles

Featuring "Winchester Sachems" and the Sachem logo

Contact the WYC to purchase one






Summer Music Programs Enrolling Now

Winchester Community Music School has several great summer programs for teens including the Summer Underground (Rock), Summer Rock & Blues Band, Summer Woodwind & Brass Week, Summer Chamber Music Festival, Summer Festival for Pianists, and summer lessons for a range of instruments. Summer session is a great time to try something new, continue existing studies in a fun summer atmosphere, or take advantage of an in-depth festival program. Put a summer slant on music with yoga, badminton, popsicles, and special public performances. Info and registration at


Open Mic Night at Starbucks - Thursday, April 2, 7 - 9 pm

This casual monthly Open Mic draws a great crowd at the Starbucks in downtown Winchester. All ages, all instruments, and all types of acoustic music are welcome. Hosted by Winchester Community Music School and singer/songwriter Mike Verge.


"Take the 'A' Train" - The Music of Billy Strayhorn - Friday, April 10, 7:30 pm

The theme of this year's Faculty Jazz Concert at Winchester Community Music School is "Take the 'A' Train," featuring the works of great American jazz composer and pianist Billy Strayhorn. A classical musician by training, Strayhorn discovered jazz at the age of 19 and became a decades-long collaborator with legendary bandleader Duke Ellington. Strayhorn's "Take the 'A' Train" was the signature song of the Duke Ellington orchestra. WCMS faculty performers will include Valerie Walton, saxophone; John Kramer, piano; Mark Pucci, bass; and Chris Bill, drums. Admission is $15; tickets are available online at or in person at 407 Highland Avenue, Winchester, MA.


Broadway On Highland / Rock Musicals - Friday, May 1, 7:30-9:00 pm

The theme for WCMS's last Broadway event of the school year is Rock Musicals. Come sing your favorite Broadway rock song (solo or with friends) with our fabulous accompanist, or sit in the audience and join the sing-along numbers. All ages and ability levels welcome. Just bring your sheet music (no lead sheets please) and a copy for the pianist. Run-throughs available 6:30-7:30 pm. Free.  


For more information on any of the above events, call 781-721-2950 or visit




Wright-Locke Farm's youth education programs offer children a unique, hands-on experience on a historic working farm. All of our programs include lessons and activities related to agriculture, the environment, and natural science while utilizing the fields, pastures, barns, and wooded trails as our living classroom. Daily activities include visiting or caring for our animals, cooking healthy and seasonal dishes to try, tending our two youth gardens, and free choice time to partake in games, arts and crafts, and more.


This year's selection of spring and summer youth programs includes:

   April Vacation Programs for children in grades K - 5 (April 20 - 24)

   Spring After School Programs for children in grades K - 8 (meet once a week over 6 weeks starting week of May 4)

   Spring and Summer Preschool Programs for children ages 4 - 5 (one day sessions starting in June)

   Summer Vacation Programs for children entering grades K - 5 (Mon - Fri programs start week of June 22)


Please visit our website for more information or to register for a program:




Get ready for Spring!  The En Ka Exchange Consignment Shop, located at 1037 Main St. in Winchester, and managed by the En Ka Society, features quality, brand-name, gently worn clothing, shoes, coats and accessories (designer handbags, scarves, etc.) for women, men and teens. All profits from the shop support local charities and organizations that service the people of Winchester. Shop, consign or donate clothing and help the En Ka Society support the Winchester community!


The En Ka Society is a non-profit women's organization that provides aid, through volunteer service and fundraising, to local organizations that are charitable in nature and benefit the community.


Please call 781-729-6146 to schedule a consignment appointment or to drop off a clothing donation. Hours are TUES. 10 am-1pm, WED. and THURS. 10am-4pm & 7-9pm, FRI 10am-1pm and SAT 11am-3pm. 


You can also "Like" us on FACEBOOK at to find out about special En Ka Exchange sales, exclusive items, events and view some of the current fashions for sale.


For more information about the En Ka Society visit our website at




The Multicultural Network's annual workshop, set amidst our current national tensions, will allow participants to develop personal awareness and confidence in challenging conversations across race and other differences. 


Valerie Batts, Ph.D., the Executive Director and co-founder of VISIONS, Inc. will lead the workshop on Saturday, April 11 from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm at the Sanborn House, 15 High Street, Winchester.  


To register, email or call 781-729-7100.  A $20 registration fee is requested but can be waived on request. 




REBOUND: The Chris Herren Story

Monday, April 13th, 7-8:30 pm

Lincoln School Auditorium

(There will be an earlier presentation that afternoon for WHS students)


Join the Winchester Coalition For A Safer Community on Monday, April 13th, from 7-8:30 pm at the Lincoln School Auditorium, 161 Mystic Valley Parkway Winchester MA, for an inspirational presentation of REBOUND: The Chris Herren Story. Chris Herren, a native of Fall River, MA, will be here in person to talk about his phenomenal rise to basketball stardom with the Boston Celtics, his descent into the hell of addiction and his miraculous recovery.


From humble mill town beginnings to an "All American" selection, Chris tells the story of a gifted young man with a desire to succeed.  After achieving his lifelong goal of playing in the NBA for his hometown team, Chris lost everything to drug addiction. With straight talk, and a touch of humor, Chris speaks candidly about his addiction, his battle through recovery and the many lessons learned along the way. Seven years sober, Chris now shares his story in the hope of reaching one person and making a difference in their lives.


Chris' life story has been the subject of an acclaimed book, Fall River Dreams, which chronicles his high school experience, and an Emmy nominated ESPN Films documentary, Unguarded, which tells the story of his rise and fall in the NBA. Chris also has published his memoir, Basketball Junkie.


Seating at the Lincoln School Auditorium is limited; reserved seating is recommended.  For more information, or to reserve a seat, please contact by emailing the Coalition's Program Manager, Dot Butler at


The Coalition would like to acknowledge the generous grant of The Cummings Foundation in sponsoring this program, and the additional financial support of Clipco Landscaping.




Parent to Parent presents


Jack Agati

Birth Order:  How Your Place in the Family

Affects Your View of the World


This entertaining and informative program looks at the many characteristics associated with the various positions in the family. Parents and guardians will gain a better understanding of the styles of their children's behavior and how to avoid potential conflict between their own styles of behavior and those of their children. We will identify many of the characteristics associated with the oldest, only, next to the oldest, middle and youngest in the family and look at better ways to use the positive characteristics of each position.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lincoln Elementary School Auditorium

7 - 9 pm




Please join us for Spring into Pink! 


An exciting educational event hosted by the Winchester Hospital Foundation. This ladies' night out will be a fun and informative evening open to all and geared especially to women.


When: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 6 p.m.

Where: Winchester Country Club, 468 Mystic St., Winchester, MA

Tickets: $65-includes: one signature cocktail; five raffle tickets for great prizes; lots of delectable appetizers and yummy treats; a mini spa experience


Guest Speakers:  Delphine Lui, MD, Breast Care Center Associate Medical Imaging Director and Kelley Cornell, MD, Breast Care Center Associate Medical Clinical Director along with the evening's emcee, Kim Miles, Founder of Miles In Heels Productions.


Get your tickets today at

Advance registration required by April 8, 2015.




Join us for the 5th annual "Hottest Reads Going Into Summer", a very popular presentation by Book Ends owner Judy Manzo in which she briefly describes literally dozens of the latest books with tantalizing reasons to read them. Program includes informative hand-out with brief book descriptions for note taking.




Registration is now open for the Winchester Sports Foundation's annual golf tournament at the Winchester Country Club, to be held this year on Monday, May 4.  The tournament is the Foundation's flagship fundraising event.   Golf on the Winchester Country Club's renowned Donald Ross layout is followed by a dinner at which the Foundation awards its annual Sachem Spirit Award to a person(s) who has made a significant contribution to the Winchester athletic programs.  Dinner attendees also hear from two student-athletes from Winchester High School, who talk about the major impact sports programs at the high school have had on them.  


This year's fundraising has a special purpose-the Foundation will donate all of the proceeds from the tournament toward the installation of lights at Manchester Field.  In addition, until the end of May, the Foundation will match any and all contributions to the Foundation, and will match the net proceeds from the tournament, up to a maximum of $50,000.  In total, the Foundation has a goal of making a $100,000 contribution towards the lights. 


Over the years, the generosity of the Foundation's supporters has made a meaningful impact on the high school athletic program.  Most recently, the Foundation made a $100,000 contribution toward the completion of the new track facility and purchased all of the new equipment for the track team.  The Foundation has also helped launch several new teams at the high school, including the boys and girls volleyball teams, the ski team and the ultimate frisbee team.    


Interest golfers and sponsors can obtain more information at the Foundation's new tournament website:




Parent to Parent presents ...


A book discussion group on Parenting without Panic: A Pocket Support Group For Parents of Children & Teens on the Autism Spectrum, led by the author, Brenda Dater*.


Tuesday, May 5th  from 7-8:30PM at the Winchester Public Library (Large Meeting Room)


Whether or not you are a parent or guardian of a child or teen on the autism spectrum, the practical strategies outlined in Parenting without Panic can be useful for all families.


Have you ever wondered...

How to foster resilience in your child?

How to build compassion and flexibility among siblings?

How to bring a little less chaos to your daily life?

How to sensitively respond to your children about their own challenges and those of their friends and classmates?


Join Brenda as she shares real-life stories and practical tips that will help parents feel more confident and hopeful as they navigate daily parenting challenges. Brenda speaks from experience as a mother of a teen on the autism spectrum as well as from her professional experience as the Director of Child and Teen Services at AANE (Asperger/Autism Network) where she teaches workshops, facilitates support groups and provides consultations for parents, caregivers and professionals. Ms. Dater is a featured speaker in numerous surrounding communities.


*Please note, the Author WILL be present. 

Books will be on sale at BookEnds and also available at the program.




It may be two months away, but it will be here before you know it.  Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 17th, at 5 pm for McCall's own Jubilation Singers Spring Pops Concert!  This will be the one and only time to hear Jubilation Singers perform at McCall this year.  What better way to wrap up EnKa weekend than to sit and listen to hopping music spanning the decades from groups such as the Eagles, Beach Boys, Michael Jackson and a mash up from the hit TV show, Glee!


And a week before the concert, on Saturday, May 9th, is our annual pre-Mother's Day spring BakeWash.  More details to come ...


Stay in touch throughout the spring as we work hard to get ready for the concert .... follow us on Facebook!