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I write to extend a warm welcome to all students, parents/guardians, families, and friends of Winchester High School.  As I begin my first school year as Principal of WHS, I am energized and deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the children and their families. "Learning for all; whatever it takes" is my goal and we will accomplish this by setting high academic expectations for all learners and providing support structures to assure that our expectations are met.  By embracing the first phase of the new Winchester High School Building Project, addressing school culture, setting high standards for teacher performance with college prep material as the default, and challenging the students to grow intellectually, socially, and toward independent thinking and problem-solving, it is our goal at WHS that all graduates are college or career ready without mediation.  A further goal for our student body is the development of personal pride and collective pride for their school.


A philosophy of education is a set of principles that an educator uses to help guide decisions.  My professional compass has a true north and the ten principles below are the ideas that I will continue to use to guide me:


   Nothing is constant but change.  Education is a constant change process; we should continuously assess what we do and determine if we can do it better or more efficiently.

   Education is a partnership of the "whole," not a job of the "one."  Students, parents/guardians, faculty and staff, and the community must work together to educate the whole student.

   For educational partnerships to exist, there must be open, honest, ongoing communication between the parts.

   Every student can learn; it is inherent upon the educator to find where the student is starting from and how to facilitate the learning process for that student.

   The educational process must include knowledge, its application, and its evaluation.  The educational process of the whole must meet the needs of the individual.

   Classroom instruction for the young adult must include high-energy activities that require student engagement, interaction, and cooperation.

   Educators, like students, must be active learners.

   Educators must teach process and readiness before they can teach content.

   The partnership must respect and trust each other.  There must be integrity in words and action.

   All decisions of the partnership must be made with improved student achievement in mind.


Through a close and collegial partnership with everyone involved at Winchester High School, I am confident our building will continue to be a place of excellence for our students to learn and grow.


With respect and appreciation,


Sean F. Kiley





Student Identification Cards


Every student will be issued his/her own identification card at the beginning of the school year.  It is imperative that every student carry their card.  It is now used for library book access, the cafeteria and attendance.  If the card has been lost or misplaced, the student may purchase another card at the cost of five dollars from Burlington Studios.



Off Campus


Parents are reminded that Senior and Junior privileges (open ends and lunch) are as follows: Seniors who have open end privileges are only allowed to arrive at school or leave school for one period at the beginning or the end of the day. Seniors must attend assigned classes or study halls during the lunch block.  Additionally, lunch privileges are only for the lunch period that the student is assigned and not the entire lunch block from 11:21~ 1:03. 


Junior lunch privileges are only for the lunch period that they are assigned and not the entire lunch block from 11:21 ~ 1:03.  Juniors must attend assigned classes or study halls during the lunch block.  Failure to follow school policy for these privileges could result in forfeiture of these privileges, and possible school suspension for any student who leaves school without permission.



Attention Seniors: Cap and Gown Measurements


Cap and Gown measurements will take place on Thursday, September 04th, during both lunches at a place to be determined.  This cost is $17.00 dollars ~ checks should be made payable to Winchester High School and the student's name and the words, "cap and gown"

should be written on the memo line.  Each outfit comes with a tassel, which students will receive in June.  If you wish to purchase an additional tassel, the cost is $4.00 dollars in cash, payable to the University Cap and Gown representative.  You MUST have your check/cash to be measured!!!  You will also be asked to verify your name and its correct spelling for your diploma. 



Message from Our SRO: Personal Property and Valuables 


The High School administration strongly discourages students from bringing excess money or valuable items to school.  Likewise, excess money or valuable items should not be stored in the lockers.  Under NO circumstances does the Town of Winchester, Winchester High School, the Administration, or its staff assume any liability for personal possessions brought to school.



Welcome to a new and exciting start to the 2014-15 academic year at Winchester High School.  Though summer has been comparatively shorter and cooler this year, we hope you found the opportunity to relax, enjoy and recharge. Whether you are a returning parent or experiencing high school for the first time, you will find many fresh and enriching possibilities at the High School, and we wish you and your child/children a very happy and successful year.  With construction at the high school site fully underway, back to school will be a different experience this year. The School Administration, in conjunction with Consigli Company, the construction management company overseeing the project, has worked hard to ensure a timely, smooth, and safe transition to school. Please follow communications from the School Administration regarding parking, drop-off, pick-up and related logistics to maintain a normal school day flow.  To help you stay updated with the progress of construction, please check the project website at , while questions and comments may be directed to


On behalf of the high school parent community, we are very pleased to extend a warm welcome to our new Principal, Mr. Sean Kiley.  Mr. Kiley has been working hard all summer familiarizing himself with all aspects of the high school and community and is eagerly looking forward to meeting all members of the community in person as the school year gets underway.  He consistently communicates news and thoughts via his blog and reading it regularly provides parents with another valuable resource.


With the challenges associated with construction and some accompanying disruption in everyday routines, the WHS PFA will work hard to ensure effective communication. We usually do this via news blasts and our monthly newsletters, but for the 2014-15 school year we are excited to add social media for the first time to foster greater community involvement. Please 'like' the Winchester High School page on Facebook and visit often, or follow on Twitter at Publicity@SachemsWHS for current updates. 


In turn, the WHS PFA cannot function effectively without your support and Direct Appeal is a major area where we need strong support from the entire community.  Direct Appeal is the

only fundraiser that the PFA will undertake and the funds received allow us to provide grants to teachers for activities that are not supported by the district school budget, provide support for extracurricular activities that are open to all students, and, on behalf of all the WHS families, show appreciation to the staff through occasional breakfasts, a year-end luncheon and gifts when appropriate. However, none of these things will be possible without financial support from our parents!


Donating is easier now as the WHS PFA has been awarded 501(c)3 status and you will be hearing more about Direct Appeal in the next few weeks. You will have an opportunity to make your Direct Appeal donation during the upcoming Activities Night and Open House, which will be held on Thursday, September 18th. This is a great night to become familiar with the many clubs, groups and teams that make up extracurricular activities at WHS and we will have a table set up for Direct Appeal donations that night.


BUT, if you want to make your donation now and check it off your list of things to do, please go to and look for the Direct Appeal section on the right-hand side of the page. Click on "more" and look for the yellow "Donate" button at the bottom left. Follow the directions to pay using your PayPal account or by credit card.  We hope to highlight as many programs funded by the PFA as possible on our newly launched social media sites, so that you, as a community can take pride in making these possible with your generous donations.


The PFA has planned a few meetings during the year that all parents are encouraged to attend. To make it easier to attend the meetings by avoiding conflicts with other school programs, we have switched the meeting times to the first Monday evening of the month. Our first meeting will be held on Monday, October 6th at 7:30 pm. We will be voting on the new PFA Board officers (see the web for the proposed slate of officers) and attendees will have an opportunity to hear from Mr. Sean Kiley and get to know him personally. We will send a reminder out prior to this date- please join us and bring your questions!


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas before our meetings and throughout the year. We can be reached at; we look forward to hearing from you.


With your help and understanding, we are confident that we will get through the unfamiliar terrain of rebuilding and have a happy, productive 2014-15 with a completed Phase I to celebrate at the end of the school year!!  Cheers to you, your wonderful children and our beloved High School and its dedicated staff!!



Malini Dutta

Lori Scully

WHS PFA Co-Presidents



WHS Staff Contact List

WHS List of Key Dates

District- wide Calendar


From the Wellness Department



Members of the High School Wellness Department:

Andria (Belanger) Bremhorst-

Physical Education and Health

Jason Cacciapuoti-

Physical Education and Health

Walter Dembowski-

Physical Education and Health

Bridget Dullea-

Physical Education and Health

Karen Murphy-

Health and Family Consumer Sciences

Mary Pace-

Health and Family Consumer Sciences


Welcome!!!! The Wellness Department is excited and looking forward to the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year! In particular, we look forward to working with your sons and daughters. We also welcome our two newest members, Mary Pace and Bridget Dullea. Below is a snapshot of the upcoming year and the courses offered to the students at Winchester High School through the Wellness Department.



Students taking Clothing and Textile Arts will be involved in every aspect of wardrobe planning, selection, and care. Laboratory experiences are combined with classroom instruction to help students develop the skills necessary for garment construction. In Advanced Clothing and Textile Arts students will create clothing such as sportswear, beachwear, tailored clothing, and formal wear. 



Students will learn food science in the user-friendly surroundings of a kitchen laboratory.  They will study the chemical, biological, and physical basis of nutrition, food safety, and food processing using a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach.



Nutrition and Foods emphasizes the fundamental areas of nutrition, consumer skills, and food preparation. In International Foods the students will learn about advanced food preparation techniques.  Opportunities will be provided to plan, prepare and evaluate a variety of international foods. They will travel around the world in ninety days and experience the culture and cuisine of various countries! Advanced Culinary Arts students will learn about advanced culinary, time and money management skills, quantity cookery, nutritional analysis, quality control, and food product marketing.  Students will plan and prepare foods products for their small business-Frugal Food Service.



The students will examine the physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth and development of children from the prenatal stage through the school-age



In Child Study Lab, students will have the unique opportunity to combine classroom instruction with practical experience in the Winchester High School Child Study Laboratory School as they learn about teaching and interacting with preschool age children. 



The program will focus on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs (TAOD) and mental health. A portion of the mental health unit will include the (S.O.S) Suicide Prevention Program.This program focuses on recognizing the signs of depression and suicide and provides students with strategies and resources on how to deal with them.



The program will focus on healthy and responsible relationships and the students will be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) during this semester.



Students will participate in a variety of activities such as archery, badminton, volleyball, cooperative games, fitness and ultimate games.



Students will have an opportunity to work out all semester! They will learn how to create and follow an individualized workout plan while recording their performance and making modifications as needed to reach their individual goals.



This course is designed for students who prefer to be active in individual and small team activities that promote lifelong fitness. Some activities include archery, golf, yoga, fitness, badminton and volleyball.



This course is designed for students who prefer to participate in team-based activities. Some activities may include floor hockey, basketball, team handball, ultimate games and baseball/softball.


Some important reminders!!



Students who have received approval last spring to use an outside activity to fulfill their physical education requirement must turn in their attendance documentation (signed off by the instructor) by the end of the semester to the Athletic Directors Office. Turning in the documentation is the students' responsibility.  They must complete 90 hours of participation during this time in order to receive credit for the experience. 


Students who intend to use a Winchester High School athletic sport to fulfill their physical education requirement must successfully complete the season (attendance is required from day one) and receive a certificate/letter upon completion from their coach.  Successful completion will be determined by practice / game attendance and effort.


If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the above staff members or the Wellness Director, Pam Saba- by email.


We hope you and your students have a healthy, active school year! 




Voter Registration for Seniors


The League of Women Voters of Winchester will be at Winchester High School the week of September 15th from 11:30 - 1:30 PM. Information will be provided regarding voter registration and you will have the opportunity to register to vote in the November 4th General Election. Important: please bring either your driver's license or the last 4 digits of your social security number. You will need this information in order to be able to register to vote.  If you don't have a driver's license or don't know your social security number, you can still register. However, you will have to show an ID the first time that you vote.  



Winchester Scholarship Foundation Seeking New Board Members


The Winchester Scholarship Foundation is seeking new board members to help continue their mission of providing scholarships to deserving WHS seniors and graduates. Each year approximately 100 students receive the much needed help to pay for escalating college costs. It's a great opportunity to help our students. Please contact Nancy Kinton at or call 781.771.8259 for details.  








Connect & Commit




You can sign up for the opportunities listed below at the meetings or in the C&C Office in the library of the high school.  If you have questions visit Kristen Ritchie, Program Director, in the C&C Office or email her at





458R Main Street

Winchester MA 01890



You may not know this, but... the Winchester Youth Center is home to a wide range of leadership, service-learning, and good-decision-making activities specifically for high school students.  The WYC provides tons of opportunities for WHS students to have fun with friends, do great things for the community, and learn how much they are capable of accomplishing!


Our youth groups include: Peer Leaders, Student Lantern Walk Committee, and Relay For Life Committee. Service projects include: Walk to Defeat ALS, Treats for our Troops, Halloween Window Painting, Habitat for Humanity, 5th grade Scavenger Hunt, Relay For Life, and Town Day Fun Run for Kids. Our special events include: Winchester Community Lantern Walk, WYC Coffee House, Video Scavenger Hunt, Rock For Youth, and Back of the School BBQ Bash.


We encourage everyone to check out our website at or just stop by the WYC anytime to learn about all the awesome opportunities to get involved!  







Winchester Community Music School News


Back to School Auditions, Sept 3 - 15

Auditions are being scheduled at Winchester Community Music School for a dozen programs including String Sinfonietta, MusicLAB, and several classical, jazz, rock and blues ensembles.  


Open Mic Night at Starbucks - Thurs, Sept 4, 7 - 9 PM

Open Mic returns after the summer break! Starbucks, 542 Main Street, Winchester. All ages, all instruments, and all types of acoustic music are welcome. Hosted by Winchester Community Music School and singer/songwriter Mike Verge. 


CD Release Concert with Blues Musician Tim Gartland - Mon, Sept 15, 7:30 PM

Winchester Community Music School kicks off its annual Faculty Recital Series with a special celebration of Tim Gartland's new CD "Million Stars." A man of many talents - harmonica player, singer, and songwriter - Tim Gartland composes soulful blues songs that tell stories of contemporary life. Free and open to the public. 


Chamber Music at Wright-Locke Farm - Sun, Sept 28, 3 PM

Join Winchester Community Music School at Wright-Locke Farm for an afternoon of chamber music!  Faculty members from WCMS will play in duos, trios, and quartets to bring a lovely classical sound to the farm. Tickets $15; Limited seating available. 


For more info, call 781-721-2950 or visit



Accept U Information Session – September 11


Join Marc Zawel, co-founder of AcceptU and author of Untangling the Ivy League, and Sophie Gray, a former admissions officer at Columbia University, during a FREE information session from 6:30-8:00 pm on Thursday, September 11th, at the Winchester Public Library (large meeting room). The title of the session is "Inside the College Admissions Office."


AcceptU is a local college counseling group composed entirely of former admissions officers that has provided one-on-one guidance to many Winchester

families. AcceptU's counselors help students with academic, extracurricular and standardized testing planning as well as the college list, admissions strategy, essays, interview prep and financial aid.


Parents and students in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades are encouraged to attend this event. It is open to all.



Winchester Scholarship Foundation Seeking New Board Members


The Winchester Scholarship Foundation is seeking new board members to help continue their mission of providing scholarships to deserving WHS seniors and graduates. Each year approximately 100 students receive the much needed help to pay for escalating college costs. It's a great opportunity to help our students. Please contact Nancy Kinton at or call 781.771.8259 for details.



Parent to Parent Event – October 1


Back by Popular Demand!


Parent to Parent presents Joani Geltman, MSW

Author of "A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens, Talking to Your Kids about Sexting, Drinking, Drugs and Other Things That Freak You Out."


Joani is a clinician, parenting coach, college professor and public speaker with over 30 years of experience working with parents, children, schools, and community groups.  With her unique brand of "infotainment", Joani uses humor and storytelling while providing the most up-to-date commentary on teen behavior and helpful parenting strategies. Wednesday, October 1, 2014 in the Lincoln School Auditorium from 7-9 PM



Winchester Public Library Programs


Tues, Oct 7, 2014 at 7:00 pm: "The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's Secret FBI" by renowned Washington Post and Philadelphia Enquirer investigative reporter and photographer Betty Medsger. The never-before-told full story of the history-changing break-in at the FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, by a group of unlikely activists - quiet, ordinary, hardworking Americans - that made clear the shocking truth and confirmed what some had long suspected, that J. Edgar Hoover had created and was operating, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, his own shadow Bureau of Investigation. This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Winchester Public Library, the Winchester Historical Society and the John & Mary Murphy Educational Foundation and is free to the public.  Come early for a good seat!  


Thurs, Nov 6, 2014 at 7:00 pm: "John Simmons, The Measure of a Man" by Winchester's own Denise Pappas. The story of a man who became wealthy producing ready-to-wear clothing before the invention of the sewing machine, later invested in Boston real estate and left his fortune to Simmons College. Denise Pappas is a former Trustee of the Winchester Library and a graduate of Simmons College herself.  The book is being released the week prior to this talk and is a fundraising vehicle for Simmons College.  This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Winchester Public Library and the John & Mary Murphy Educational Foundation and is free to the public. 


Winchester Public Library, 80 Washington Street, Winchester, MA